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CZU Wildfire Updates

CZU Wildfire Perimeter Map

Updated on September 21st, 2020:

On August 18th, 2020, wildfires rapidly grew from dry lighting strikes throughout Northern California. I was out of town, but my husband had to evacuate our house in the Santa Cruz mountains with just a few days of clothing and basic necessities. We watched updates on the news and social media as the fire swept through our beloved community, in the end destroying over 900 homes and causing evacuations of over 70,000 people.. Miraculously, the fire spared our little downtown and our house. We live on a dead end road that used to have 18 houses, and now has only 6. 

There are still hotspots that arise, and the fire is still burning. It's almost fully contained, but will continue to burn for months. Our fire, the CZU Lightning Complex fire, was one of many that devastated Northern CA before the fires in Oregon and Washington started and blanketed smoke across the entire Northern United States. 

But, our house is still standing. We are working with insurance to get a professional cleaning service in to mediate the (minimal) smoke damage, and I'm staying with family out of town still. I left home on August 11th for a "quick" 2 week vacation and haven't been home yet, 6 weeks later. I'll never be able to thank the incredible firefighters enough for all the work they did.

I closed my website soon after my husband evacuated, when I realized this wouldn't be a quick event. I paused all subscriptions for September, knowing that my amazing customers would understand. Thankfully, my finished products are almost always stored downstairs in sealed tubs, in a sealed hallway, which means they're safe and ready for shipping! I'll be reopening the website today after more than a month of being closed for business. 

I'll be home later this week, for the first time since early August, and I can't wait to see everything in person, check on my inventory, and get back to work! I have some HUGE plans for this fall and I can't wait to share them with you soon!


Enjoy the mess, and thanks so much for your support,



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