Three types of slime demonstrating the mix and match option for the Slime Triple Pack.
Packaging box for the Slime Triple Pack from Messy Play.
Choose your first slime color: green, purple, orange, magenta, turquoise.
Chose your second slime color: Dragon (yellow/green color changing), Mermaid (blue/purple color changing), Unicorn (white/pink color changing), Phoenix (yellow/red color changing), or Glow in the Dark.
Choose your third slime color (color changing based on temperature): Caterpillar (green/yellow color changing), Sunset (orange/yellow color changing), Galaxy (purple/blue  color changing), Rockstar (purple/pink color changing).
Contents of a Slime Triple Pack displayed around a box, including including a glue bottles, liquid starch bottles, glitter, and pipettes of color.
Contents of a Slime Triple Pack contained in a box, including including a glue bottles, liquid starch bottles, glitter, and pipettes of color.  Edit alt text
Instructions sheet for a Slime Triple Pack, plus pipettes of color and color-changing pigment containers.
Open box revealing the Slime Triple Pack display card.

Slime Triple Pack

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NEW Slime Triple Pack! This box includes materials to make 3 stretchy, ooey, gooey slimes! Each box includes one regular slime plus 2 color-changing or glow-in-the-dark slimes (save $$$ from buying them individually!). Customize the kit to choose your favorite colors, according to the options in the photos.

The slime is super easy to make and lasts up to 1 month if stored in an airtight container. This slime is not edible, but it is nontoxic and totally washable! It will stick to clothing and fabric, but is easily washable in a machine (and can scrub out of carpets as well).

In this slime pack, you'll receive the ingredients you need to make your very own stretchy, sticky slime, plus instructions that explain exactly how to make it. You'll get to mix the ingredients together using your hands, and watch it form as if by magic! It's a really interesting science experiment for kids. Each kit comes with multiple mixing (glitter and sequins) to add to the slimes too!

This makes a great holiday gift for that science-lover you know, or that child who's always hands-on! Each slime pictured is also available in a single kit in other listings on the site.