Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit Guide

Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

Ready to dig into your Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit? On this page you'll find detailed step-by-step instructions, ideas to extend the learning, and some links to other resources. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your kit. Now go get messy!

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Bubble Bath Bar and Spray Bottles:

1. Fill the spray bottles halfway with water. You’ll immediately see the color tablets fizzing, turning the water fun colors. You can add more water, but the color will be diluted.

Bubble Bath Bar & Spray - Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

2. Close the bathtub drain, break off a piece of the bubble bar and crumble it under running water. A small piece makes a lot of bubbles!

Bubble Bath Bar & Spray - Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

3. If you agitate the water, you’ll make even more bubbles. Try swishing your hands quickly, or even using a hand mixer (being very careful near the water!).

Bubble Bath Bar & Spray - Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

4. Spray the colored water on the bubbles. Can you see the bubbles changing colors? Can you make a pattern or a design on the bubbles?

Bubble Bath Bar & Spray - Bath Tub Fun Messy Play KitBubble Bath Bar & Spray - Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit


What are they learning?

  • Motor control: It takes a lot of effort to squeeze the spray bottle, especially while simultaneously aiming where the spray goes.
  • Science: Color mixing, cause and effect (where do the bubbles come from? What happens if you swish the water around quickly?)
  • Creativity: They can create fun patterns in the bubbles, or even a design- it's totally up to them!

Bath Crayons:

1. These bath crayons are so fun for drawing on the bath tub walls! Remove the tops, twist the bottom, and color!

2. Get creative! Try drawing a miniature world scene on the walls- my favorite is a dinosaur world (volcanoes, trees, a pond). Then add whatever toys to play along! You can make the tub an entirely different world each day! Check out this post on Growing a Jeweled Rose to see an elaborately painted bathtub- imagine what you could make with the bath crayons!

 TIP: The crayons are made of soap and colorant, so they are washable from most nonporous surfaces, but they may stain grout. In order to protect the grout, tell your child to color only on the bathtub itself and not the tiled walls.

What are they learning?

  • Fine motor control: Twisting the crayons, writing and drawing- great practice for little fingers!
  • Creativity: They get to choose what colors to use and how to use them. Creativity is important for many future life skills, such as problem-solving and brainstorming.
  • Impulse control: If you set limits and boundaries (such as “keep the crayons on the tub”- rather than on the walls) they have to stop themselves from overstepping those limits


This is the messy activity in this kit!

1. Empty the bag of cornstarch into a mixing bowl. Pour it carefully so it doesn’t all poof up into the air.

2. Cut the tip off the pipette of liquid watercolor and empty its contents into the cornstarch.

Oobleck from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

3. Add about 1/3 cup of water and stir until it’s fully mixed. You should have a substance that acts as both a liquid and a solid. When you scoop it up, it’s hard and cracks, but when you let it drip off the spoon, it pours like water.

Oobleck from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play KitOobleck from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

4. Pour the contents of the mixing bowl into the dry bathtub, or place the entire bowl inside and have your child climb in. Explore the material with your hands- it really is quite bizarre!

 TIP: Add other tools to explore the oobleck with, such as measuring cups, funnels, and my personal favorite: a plastic strainer or colander!
Oobleck from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play KitOobleck from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit
What are they learning?
  • Science: this bizarre material is different from other materials. It acts as both a liquid and a solid (called a “non-Newtonian fluid”) and is one of the fun properties of cornstarch.
  • Creativity and problem-solving: what fun things can you do with oobleck? Can you make it go through a funnel? What happens if you push on it really hard? Can you roll it into a ball? Can you make other shapes with it?

Bath Fizzies:

1. Place one fizzy in water and watch! They fizz and crumble and dissolve in the water!

Bath Fizzies from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play KitBath Fizzies from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

2. After the first one, try to have a brief conversation with your child about what they think is happening. Why did this dry, hard object start to fizz in the water like that? Do they predict the other fizzies will do the same? Will the bigger fizzies take longer or go faster?

3. Write down what your child says about their predictions and hypotheses.

This is a safe chemical reaction occurring. The fizzies are made of baking soda and citric acid, which when combined with water, produce carbon dioxide bubbles. It’s also an endothermic reaction, meaning the temperature will decrease as it's reacting. Feel the water around the bubbles- it will feel cold!

What are they learning?

  • Science: Learning about a simple and safe chemical reaction- use proper vocabulary (hypothesis, reaction, acid, base) to increase their knowledge
  • Math: Try counting to see how long it takes each bath fizzy to finish reacting.
  • Write down your predictions and observations to show that you value your child’s words and thoughts, and to help you compare between different fizzies (trials of an experiment)

Foam Tic Tac Toe:

1. Draw two sets of two lines, horizontally and vertically, on the large square piece of foam. You want it divided into 9 roughly equal squares. If you want, use a ruler to measure and draw the lines. Use a permanent marker so the lines don’t wash off in water.

Foam Tic Tac Toe from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play KitFoam Tic Tac Toe from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play KitFoam Tic Tac Toe from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

2. Cut the other two pieces of foam in five pieces.

Foam Tic Tac Toe from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

3. Using the permanent marker, draw one symbol on each piece of foam of one color, and a different symbol on the other color. Standard tic tac toe uses the letters X and O. If you want to get really fancy, you can even cut one color into circles.

Foam Tic Tac Toe from Bath Tub Fun Messy Play Kit

4. Play tic tac toe in the bathtub! Foam floats on water and sticks the tile when wet, so play on the water or the walls!

What are they learning?

  • Fine motor control: Have them help cut the foam pieces. There are plenty of extras. For younger kids, drawing lines for them to cut on can make it easier.
  • Games: following rules, taking turns, coping with winning and losing, participating in social situations

More Bath Tub Play!

There are so many ways to continue playing in the tub! Here are some of my favorites.

  • has an article with a few fun ideas for playing in the tub. Some are better for younger kids, but some ideas can be easily modified for older children too. Remember, the point is to play together!
  • Make your own bathtub paint! Mix shaving cream with some liquid watercolors (my favorite) or food coloring. Be careful, as food coloring may stain the tub or grout, or even skin, which is why I prefer liquid watercolors or washable paint. Use a muffin tin as the paint tray, add a paintbrush, and go crazy decorating the tub! The shaving cream makes for a very fabulous sensory experience.
  • Find other fun foam games to play in the tub. Cut black foam pieces into long strips to become a road, and cut other road signs shapes from other colors. Add your own washable toy cars and you've got a floating city road!
  • You can even play basketball in the bathtub! Ever Never Again has great photos of a project you can make quickly using pool noodles. Use a shorter noodle piece if you need a smaller ring.


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