COVID Quarantine update

The world is a bit nuts right now, and we're trying to help families keep the fun by providing them with engaging activities for their little ones.

We've stocked up on boxes for future months and are shipping subscription orders early to customers who want them NOW! We have June, July and August boxes in stock now and are working on stocking up beyond that as well. We also have updated our website to reflect all the products we have available for purchase, even ones that are usually exclusive for subscribers.

When you order your subscription, just reply to the confirmation email to let us know if you want more than 1 box to come right away. We can ship 1, 2 or 3 months ASAP! And if you want a subscription that lasts just through the summer, check out our summer subscriptions!


Also, follow @MessyPlayKits on Instagram to see other fun ideas for activities you can be doing at home as well! We've been posting IGTV videos of art projects on there and have a few more coming! The videos are now on the website as well- find them here. Plus, we just launched our blog here on this site too, and will be updating that with more ideas for play too! 


Stay safe and wash your hands!


CEO, Founder, Creator