The Spookiest DIY Halloween Sensory Bin Fillers for Kids

DIY Halloween sensory bin with spiders


A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) sensory bin is such a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your little ones! From toddlers, to preschoolers, to kindergarteners, Halloween sensory bins provide a contained space for kids to learn while exploring different textures, listening to a variety of sounds they create, and practicing fine motor exercises like pinching, scooping, and pouring. The imaginations of your children can expand endlessly while they shape stories within this small world. You can stand nearby and teach them all about the history of Halloween, so they can learn more about this spooky season. Read more to learn about how to make the best DIY Halloween Sensory Bins.

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DIY Halloween Sensory Bin Fillers

Dyed spaghetti fills a halloween sensory bin.

There are so many fun choices of materials to place at the bottom of your sensory bin. First grab a plastic tub. Then check out my Safe and Unsafe Sensory Materials For the Base of Your Sensory Bin blog post for all of my ideas. I’ve listed a few of my favorites for a DIY Halloween sensory bin below. Be sure to observe your little ones who are still putting items in their mouths. Although the materials below are safe to consume in small quantities, too much can be harmful.

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Make Halloween Sensory Rice

Rice can be placed at the bottom of your sensory bin as an inexpensive and fun base. Buy some liquid watercolors and dye the rice orange and black to play along with the halloween theme. 

Use Candy Corn

Candy corn can be a sweeter and pre-colored colorful base for the bottom of your kiddos DIY halloween sensory bin. 

Boil and Cool Spaghetti

Cooked spaghetti can be added to your kid’s Halloween sensory bin for a gooey mess!

Dye Dry Pasta

Use those same liquid watercolors to dye dry pasta. In my own Halloween Sensory Bin, I dye bow tie pasta black to look like bats and shell pasta to resemble pumpkins.

Color Chickpeas

Dying chickpeas orange can also look like pumpkins for the base of your DIY Halloween Sensory Bin!

Make Oobleck

Oobleck is a liquidy, fun, and interesting base for your kiddo’s DIY Halloween sensory bin. 

Squeeze Slime 

Sticky slime in white, black, or orange can be mixed for a great Halloween sensory bin base.

Spooky DIY Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas

Kids reaching into a monster Halloween sensory bin

Throw in a number of halloween themed toys into the bases above and your DIY halloween sensory bin is ready to go! Below are a few specific ideas to keep your sensory bin extra spooky.

Monster Sensory Bin

Throw in your favorite sensory bin base, then a bunch of monster parts! From googly eyes to pipe cleaners to teeth, your little ones can stretch their imaginations by putting together monsters in a mushy mess of a sensory bin!

Jack-o’-Lantern or Pumpkin Sensory Bin

There are a number of ways you can make a Jack-o’-Lantern sensory bin for Halloween. First and foremost, cut open the top of a pumpkin and let your little ones help you pull out the seeds and pulp! This natural sensory bin will be super stimulating in its gooey mess, as your kids practice grabbing, which strengthens their hands for activities like writing. You can also plop some pumpkins into a bin and pour oobleck on top or washable, non-toxic paint, so they can try some pumpkin abstract art. Lastly, purchase a number of fun plastic pumpkins and throw them into your favorite sensory base above!

Spider Sensory Bin

Put some white oobleck or slime at the base of the sensory bin and throw in some toy spiders. Your little one can find the hidden spiders, wash them off, and count them, practicing basic math concepts! Or try pulling fake spider webs across the top of the bin and placing the spiders within the webs or at the bottom of the bin.

Graveyard Sensory Bin

Decaf coffee grounds look just like dirt! So throw in a bunch and then place other Halloween themed toys that your littles can bury, seek and find, or create their very own graveyard with lots of fun stories.

Ghost Sensory Bin

Add white oobleck or slime to the base of your DIY halloween sensory bin and googly eyes. Let your little ones make shapes with the slime and add eyes to create individual ghosts!

Bats Sensory Bin

Dye some bow tie pasta to look like bats! You can add other Halloween themed toys like witches and pumpkins to complete the bin.

Sensory Box Ideas for Halloween

Kid plays with a Halloween sensory box

My Gooey Ghouls Messy Play Kit is the perfect sensory box for halloween. It’s filled with a number of activities like making a witch’s brew, building and destroying a monster, and painting a Spooky Tree. So if you’re looking for sensory box ideas for Halloween, get this kit shipped right to your doorstep!