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Sensory Play Made Easy

Play-based learning without the time-consuming prep work

We know you're busy. Wouldn't you rather spend your precious time hands-on with your child instead of searching, finding age-appropriate sensory activities, planning, shopping, and prepping the materials?

We offer convenient ready-to-play kits and sensory bins so you can provide the educational and sensory processing benefits of messy play while enjoying time spent with your child.

Just open the box and play! ✨

What's Inside Your Box?

You'll receive a new Kit or Bin each month. Subscriptions ship out on the 8th of each month, and you may cancel at any time.
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Messy Play Kits

AGE 3-8 

Messy Play Kits contain 3-5 activities designed around a theme. They contain science projects, art activities, and so much more. Projects inside the Kits are intended to be done with adult supervision.

Convenient monthly subscription: $44, free shipping.

Sensory Bins

AGE 3-5 

Sensory Bins are open-ended exploratory play. They contain a base material (like pasta or rice) plus themed toys and fine motor tools. These are re-usable and allow children to take the lead and play independently!

Convenient monthly subscription: $44, free shipping.

Parents Love Messy Play™

What is Messy Play™?

It's a style of play in which children take the lead, explore and learn with their hands, and experience a wide variety of textures and materials. Play-based learning allows children to learn at their own speed.

Messy Play builds fine motor control, problem-solving skills, foundational math and science concepts, language and vocabulary, social-emotional skills, and more!

Our Messy Play Kits are STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activity kits which provide all materials and instructions for stress-free sensory play with your kids!

Messy Play Kits & activities are designed to engage and sharpen your child's skills

Each of our products comes with the background educational info, all of the materials, and detailed instructions contained right inside the box so that you don’t need to spend time researching, shopping, and testing the activities ahead of time.

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Hi, I'm Robin

The maker behind Messy Play Kits.

My experience teaching preschool in one of California’s top laboratory schools inspired me to start a company to support families at home.

Kids learn best through play, but many families struggle to find the activities, recipes, materials and time to do the projects!

I created Messy Play Kits to alleviate this frustration and allow parents to enjoy the time they have with their kids. It combines my expertise in child development and sensory play with my love for all things colorful and messy (and washable!).

All my products are made by hand in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.