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Handprint Keepsakes Kit

Handprint ornament kit from Messy Play Kits

There are lots of great ways to decorate your child's handprint keepsakes. Here are just a few fun ideas.

  • Color the dough using the liquid watercolors in the kit. You can make either blue or pink handprints this way.
  • After baking, use acrylic paint to paint in the handprint but leave the border plain. Or paint the entire keepsake!
  • For a special Christmas ornament, decorate the handprint like Santa Claus for the holidays! If you make a footprint, decorate it like a reindeer too.
  • If you're making an ornament or hanging decoration, make a hole in the dough before baking so that you can string yarn or ribbon through it later.
  • For a fun winter gift, make mittens! Before you bake it, cut out the dough around the handprint into the shape of mittens. Bake, and paint if you want!
  • If you're giving this as a gift for other holidays, decorate the handprint appropriately. A turkey for Thanksgiving, a black cat for Halloween, and so on.
  • You can seal the handprint with clear varnish to make it last longer. You can get this in spray or liquid form from a hardware store.

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