Boy examining round ball of ice in the density experiment in the Under the Sea Messy Play Kit,
Splatter painted box package of Under The Sea Messy Play Kit.
Materials and contents of the Under The Sea Messy Play Kit, including instructions, sand, corn starch, color tablets, toy fish, seashells, water beads, pipettes of watercolors, art paper, foil, and green ribbon seaweed.
Two girls looking at the box of the Under The Sea Messy Play Kit with the instructions and seaweed coming out of it.
Child pouring waterbeads into a bowl of water with seaweed on the table.
Boy holding waterbeads over a bin containing water and ribbon seaweed.
Close up of watercolor coral artwork, color splatters on a white piece of paper.
Children's hands digging seashells out of a glass bowl of sand on a table.
Close up of green and blue waterbeads in green ribbon seaweed with a toy shark, whale, and sting ray in it.
Splatter painted box package of the Under The Sea Messy Play Kit, front and back of box.

Under the Sea Messy Play Kit

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This kit is usually exclusively available as part of the monthly subscription to Messy Play Kits, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to buy it individually! To sign up for a monthly subscription, click here.

This Ocean themed kit includes the following activities:

1) Create a slimy, sensory ocean bath!
2) Make watercolor coral artwork
3) Experiment with density using ice and water
4) Build a moonsand beach with seashells and ocean creatures

The Kit comes with materials and instructions for these four activities, as well as an affiliated website with detailed photo instructions, educational resources, and extra ideas for learning games for kids you can play with your child. You'll be able to see how your child is learning through play, how you can extend their learning, and enjoy quality time together.

All kits are for ages 3 and up, and contain non-toxic, washable materials.


Under The Sea Activity Kit from Messy Play Kits

Customer Reviews

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Under the sea is love!!!

My 8 year old is a huge fan of this kit. He was able to do all 4 activities all by himself just following the enclosed instructions. It's pretty straight forward. He's not only having fun playing with this kit but he learns science and math as he does the activities. It's pretty awesome!