Can't Decide between Messy Play Kits or Sensory Bins?

What is the difference between a Sensory Bin and a Messy Play Kit?

Sensory play has become very popular over the years and there are so many types to choose from. Are you interested in buying a sensory based activity for your child but not sure what kind to get? Wondering if your child is too young? Too old? Wondering why sensory bins are important? Which type of play kit allows them to play independently so you can cook dinner?! To answer your questions, let’s take a deeper look.

Compare & Select

At Messy Play Kits, we sell STEAM/STEM Project Kits & Sensory Play Kits delivered to your doorstep. Let’s talk about how Sensory Bins and Messy Play Kits compare with one another so you can select the right one for you.

Messy Play Kits Sensory Bins
Designed for Ages Ages 3-8 Ages 3-5
Play & Learning Style 3-5 Structured, Educational Projects Open-Ended Sensory Play, Dramatic/Pretend Play
Use Mostly single use Reusable materials
Adult Participation Required? Yes, hands-on No, independent play
Designed for 1 Child Sharable, 1-3 Children
Targeted Skills:
Cognitive Development
Fine Motor Skills

Language Development




Art & Creativity

Sensory Development
Social Skills




Bottom Line

Both Messy Play Kits and Sensory Bins are very convenient and easy ways to provide educational screen-free fun for your kids. Grab a messy play kit for a fun and convenient activity kit to do with your kids together and stock up on open-ended sensory bins and let your child explore independent play. 

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