Improve Social Skills for Preschoolers with Messy Play

Messy play provides an opportunity for your child to develop social skills with their peers

Ok, your kid just started talking. It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s terrifying when another kid walks in the door and you have no clue what your child is going to say and do! As they stumble to find the right words, you run to the computer and quickly search, “How to improve social skills in a child.” Don’t panic– this is a totally normal process because your kiddo is just learning natural social skills for preschoolers (and apologies can always be made).

As always, Messy Play Kits is here to help! We have developed a number of products that focus on the development of social skills for preschoolers, as well as some ideas below on how to facilitate the social development process through play! 

How to Improve Social Skills in a Child with Messy Play

Encouraging Group Problem Solving

As I mentioned in my post about cognitive development, Messy Play offers your child a chance to figure things out for themselves! When they engage in Messy Play with others, they exercise those same problem solving skills while learning to work collaboratively. As they play, they will communicate with their playmates verbally and non-verbally to achieve their mutual fun and messy goals.

These products really show how to improve social skills in a child by encouraging group problem solving:

Sharing Tools and Space

Learning to share is a big concept for small children! Messy Play Kits materials and activities offer a great opportunity to explore how to teach kids to share! Because the materials are more communal than a favorite toy or comfort object, little ones are often more willing to take turns. Sharing the space and activities helps them grow accustomed to cooperating, sharing, and waiting for their turn while they watch others participate in play. 

These fun Messy Play Kits will help your kiddos learn how to share and take turns while having fun:

Keeping the Germs to a Minimum

To ensure health and safety of the kids playing, it's important to observe good hygiene and cleaning practices. Before and after playing:

  1. Wipe down surfaces and tools or materials. 
  2. Encourage the kids to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
  3. For added COVID safety precaution, kids can mask up.

. . .

Developing social skills for preschoolers can be fun for caregivers and kiddos alike! So, let’s start talking and playing together!

Gardening Sensory Bin Under the Sea Messy Play Kit

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