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Easter Bunny Stamps - Easter Bunny Craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Want to recycle your old toilet paper roles in a brand new, fun way? Use them to make bunny stamps! Watch and learn as the Messy Play Lady repurposes cardboard toilet paper tubes as paint stamps for a creative Easter activity! This makes a great Easter bunny craft for toddlers as well as preschoolers. 

This activity takes about 2 minutes to prep, and is so easy and simple! If you're more artistic than I am, you can make these bunny stamps into realistic bunnies by adding faces, whiskers, and so on. I just left mine as is!

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  1. Flatten two of the toilet paper tubes and crease them. These will be the ears on your Easter bunny
  2. Use the tape or glue to connect these two flattened tubes so they are stacked and flush at one end. Be sure to connect the tubes along a folded edge so that the bunny ears are close together at the bottom. Here you can see the tape placement (purple rectangles) on the tube.
    Robin shows where to put glue or tape to adhere the toilet paper tubes
    When you're done, your bunny ears should look like this:
    cross section of "bunny ears"
  3. Use tape or glue to affix the third round paper tube to the bottom of the ears (2 creased paper tubes). The round paper tube is the bunny face! When you're done, your bunny will look like this:
    final toilet paper tube easter bunny
  4. Adjust the shape of your bunny as you like
  5. Squirt a bit of your paint directly onto the tray (you could use a paper plate here instead if you don't have a tray) and spread it out so that the paint blob is large enough to cover the entire bunny stamp
  6. Set a piece of paper at the place setting for each child


  1. Dip the ends of the paper tubes into the paint on the tray a few times to generously coat the edges of the tubes
  2. Press the painted end of the tubes onto the paper. Be sure to apply even pressure across the whole bunny surface to make a complete imprint. If you just stamp down quickly, there may be little gaps missing in the design.
  3. Enjoy your cute little bunny stamps!
    Easter bunny stamp design

More Creative Ideas:

  • After letting your paint dry, let your child decorate the bunnies with eyes, nose, and whiskers!
  • Continue stamping with each press rotating around the center axis, lining up the circle to create a flower design
  • Make several bunnies and use multiple colors of paint (allow kids to experiment with making 2-tone bunnies or mixing colors)
  • Use new toilet paper tubes to create different stamp shapes, such as 3 circles in a line for a snowman

Post your kid's Easter Bunny craft finished artwork on Instagram and tag @MessyPlayKits! I'd love to see all the cute bunnies you make together. 

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