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Easy Easter Painting Idea: Egg Drip Painting

Did you know that you can paint with eggs?! Plastic eggs that is! Robin, The Messy Play Lady is at it again with this great video on how to make a masterpiece by filling colorful eggs with your little's favorite paints and going wild! Try this creative and easy easter painting idea with your child. Your kid will have fun exploring the process and making their own cute easy Easter painting.

This project is all about the process art! It might get messy, so I'd recommend doing it outside on butcher paper or an old sheet. You'll need plastic Easter eggs with holes in them, and watered down paint.

The whole idea behind this project is to get the paint to drip out from the eggs, so it'll get splatter-y and messy! Be sure to prepare your area and yourselves for this. Using washable paint makes for easy clean up.

TIP: You may also want your child wear old clothes, a smock, or an apron. A dropcloth can also prevent paint from getting on surfaces.

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First you want to prep your paint. You will want to use watered-down paint so that the paint will drip out of the holes in the eggs. (This is a great way to use every last drop of paint when you're running low in your bottle!)

  1. Add water to a near-empty bottle of paint or combine water and paint in a bowl or empty water bottle. You should mix at a 1:1 ratio. Half paint, half water.
  2. Set up several different colors for your child to paint with. I recommend using the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) for the brightest art and best color-mixing results
  3. Set 1 sheet of paper on a tray for each child
  4. Have your plastic easter eggs ready and opened. I recommend using the same or similar colored eggs as your paint colors to help kids know which color they are painting with

Easy Easter Painting with Plastic Eggs:

When you and your child are both ready, it's time to fill those eggs and get splattering to create a cute and easy Easter painting. 

  1. While holding the egg over the paper, pour a single color of paint into the corresponding color egg half. Older kids can do this part themselves, or a grown up can do this for younger kids.Robin pours watered down paint into plastic easter egg
  2. Quickly close up your paint-filled plastic egg and hand it to the child
  3. Shake and flick the egg to splatter the paint out of the holes and onto the paper. Thicker paint will need more forceful shaking whereas thinner paint will drip out without much (if any) shaking.
  4. Continue on using more colors in the same way. Experiment with different movements and varying the height of the egg from the paper to achieve a variety of splatter effects.

    More Creative Ideas:

    • Experiment with varying paint thickness (add less or more water) paint to see how the different viscosity affects the splatter shapes
    • Try shaking and flicking the egg in different motions to get a variety of splatter effects
    • While the paint is still wet, hold your paper up at different angles to allow the paint to run and create different paint effects
    • Use different color palettes in your eggs (instead of primary colors). Try an analogous color scheme like green, blue, and purple.
    • Try adding multiple colors of paint to a single egg and see what happens! 

    Post your child's egg drip paintings on Instagram and tag @MessyPlayKits! I'd love to see all the beautiful paintings you make together. 

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