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What is Messy Play?

Messy Play is a style of play in which children get to take the lead, explore and learn with their hands, and experience a wide variety of textures and materials. It focuses on play-based learning and allows children to learn at their own speed. Messy Play Kits help you enjoy the play without having to stress over the how and what. Start Your Monthly Subscription Today

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Messy Play is an easy way for children and parents to engage in sensory exploration and age-appropriate science activities at home. Have fun!

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Why Messy Play?

Benefits of Messy Play
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Kits vs Bins: What's the difference?

Messy Play Kits

Messy Play Kits contain multiple activities that should be done with adult supervision. They contain science projects, art activities, and so much more. Each kit contains 3-5 activities designed around a different theme. There are 12 different themed kits, 4 of which can be purchased individually while the rest are subscription-exclusive.

Sensory Bins

Sensory Bins are open-ended exploratory play. They contain a base material (such a beans or rice) plus themed toys and fine motor tools (such as tweezers and scoops). These are great for allowing children to take the lead in play or even play alone (keep them entertained while you make dinner!). There are 12 different themed Sensory Bins, all of which can be purchased individually or as part of the subscription.