Now contains biodegradable glitter!

Make your own color-changing slime! This recipe is easy to use and so much fun! This slime kit contains thermochromic pigment, which changes color based on temperature. So as you play with it, the slime changes from purple to pink! It's like magic! Try placing it in the fridge for a few minutes to cool it back down, or place an ice cube on top to watch it change.

This slime is not edible, but it is nontoxic and totally washable! It will stick to clothing and fabric, but is easily washable in a machine (and can scrub out of carpets as well).

In this slime kit, you'll receive the ingredients you need to make your very own stretchy, sticky slime, plus instructions that explain exactly how to make it. You'll get to mix the ingredients together using your hands, and watch it form as if by magic! It's a really interesting science experiment for kids!

This makes a great holiday gift for that science-lover you know, or that child who's always hands-on!

Other colors are available in other listings too.

Color Changing Slime from Messy Play Kits - Purple and Pink Rockstar

Customer Reviews

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Racquel W.
Kids Loved It

It's great that the kits come with everything in perfect proportion for what you need. It's also nice that our kids can mix it themselves as opposed to other slime that might already be pre-made. The texture is good. The change in color is fun. We got four different colors so that they could see the variety. As a parent I'm happy that the products are handmade by you. We definitely support local and small businesses. Well done!

Tyrone J.
Great Science Lesson

Very popular with my students when learning about thermochromic dynamics

5 year old loved it

Made this with my 5 year old niece and she absolutely loved it. She’s a huge pink fan anyway but especially loved showing her grandpa the changing colors.


Awesome as always!

Awesome kit!

Bought this for my kiddos and nieces for Christmas. They LOVED it, especially mixing all the ingredients together and making the slime themselves. The color is awesome and provided fun for DAYS. They are already asking when they can do it again. Definitely a win.