This is a preorder. This product will ship in early October 2024. Buy now for all your Halloween fun! 


Brew up a fizzing, bubbling potion in your cauldron with our new Witch's Brew Kit! Simply add a spoonful of each colorful fizzing mixture into the included cauldron, add water, and watch it bubble away! This kit contains 3 colors of mixture, so you can create a rainbow potion or brew each color separately. There's enough mixture to do the experiment a few times too!

This kit contain 9oz of fizzing mixture (3oz each of 3 colors) which is enough to do the experiment multiple times. All materials and instructions and included except for water. 

Please note the colorants in this kit may stain clear plastic and white fabric. Following the instructions will reduce the risk of staining, and wash any containers or fabric immediately after use.


To purchase additional refills for this kit (includes the fizzing mix and instructions but not the cauldron), click here