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Messy Play Resources

  • Your First Messy Play Experience

    Sometimes when we try a new activity with our kiddoes, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it right. First, I want to reassure you that there are so, so many ways to do messy play! You don't have to find the one “perfect” way! And second, I want to share some tips for making your first messy play experience a good one for you and your child!
  • Keeping the Mess Contained

    The biggest barrier that I encounter to messy play is … well, the mess. Every day I hear from parents, teachers, and caregivers who love the idea of sensory play for their kids, but who feel apprehensive about the messiness. After all, for many people “messy" is almost a dirty word! But there are ways to keep the mess contained without losing any of the fun or enrichment! This blog post contains a few ways to share messy play with your kids while keeping the mess under control.
  • Answering Your Concerns About Messy Play

    One of my favorite parts of my job is sharing my products at fairs and talking about my enthusiasm for messy play with new people. It's so much fun! It is also eye-opening, as I often hear the concerns they have about introducing their kids to messy play. I wanted to take a moment today to answer a few of the most common ones I've encountered.
  • The Best Time for Messy Play

    When IS the best time for messy play? There's a little part of me that wants to say,  “Any time!” But the truth is that some times are definitely better suited to messy play than others. While the specific time and date will vary depending on your unique situation, I do have several tips for how you can pick the best time for you and your kiddo!
  • Setting Boundaries for Better Play

    Educators, parents, and child experts all suggest that kids need boundaries in order to feel happy and secure. Good boundaries also make activities more enjoyable for adults! So don't be afraid to set clear boundaries around messy play. This post contains a few of the areas in which clear boundaries will help your messy play succeed!